Friday, August 10, 2018

homemade water bomb

Name of experiment:  home made water bomb                                                                 

Group names:  Zeke,Justice,Wharengaro ,Jordan,Traezarn.

Change question: How is the bomb going to blow up?

Prediction:The paper will get soggy and break.

We saw…. The water splatter everywhere on the ground when we threw it at the ground.
It had water inside and when it hit the ground, it unfolded and the water escaped. It blew
up by force and it collapsed. It did not get soggy and break.  We tried different ways.

Video/ Photo link:

Conclusion/ Answer to your question/ we were not right in our prediction. The                                   

Extending the learning

I wonder questions (Trying new things):I wonder what would happen if I folded it inwards.
paper did not have time to get soggy. It was the force that made the water escape.
Comparing Original (Experiment with trying my new ideas):

We tried folding it in and it  didn’t work because it stayed in one piece when it hit the ground.

Research on topic: (Links) More information on how this works  

How to make a paper water bomb - Fun origami! -  YouTube                                                                                                  


What is happening inside the water bomb to make it collapse? Justice thinks it is pressure.

Link to research on pressure.

What would cause more pressure so a big
ger explosion?  

Jordan wonders…. Would the explosion be bigger if we use
vinegar and baking soda and some sellotape to block the hole and shake i
We are going to try this for our week 4 experiment…..


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